Baseball Gender Reveal

Due to particular events of our past, my husband and I decided to have testing performed for chromosome abnormalities in our new baby. We asked the doctor and discovered the test we did with Squid was no longer available BUT there was a new test that included trisomy 13, 18, 21 (downs syndrome) and gender abnormalities called Harmony. It is a simple test performed from a sample of my blood. Completely non-invasive and our baby had completely normal test results!  Long story short, we got to know the gender of our baby at 11 weeks instead of waiting until 20! Haha!

Now we had to decide what to do with this juicy new information that nobody knew we knew yet. Being huge baseball fans, there was only one logical answer…. BASEBALL GENDER REVEAL!

I started with a Pinterest search which led me to a photograph blog with a brilliant idea.  After digging deep into her comments section, I finally composed a plan of my own (which was very similar to hers).  Here we go…

You will need:

  • Hollow plastic ball
  • Holi Powder
  • A sharp object to cut the ball open (I used a razor)
  • Electrical tape
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Newspaper
  • Rubber gloves (optional) — I’d recommend gloves if you’re busting the ball the same day because the powder can stain your skin.
  • A skilled man to hit the ball after you pitch it poorly (or is that just me?)


I bought balls and holi powder (the colored powder used for color runs) from Amazon. I cut the balls in half by making a starting point with a knife and then finishing it off VERY CAREFULLY with a razor.  After cutting a few, I realized that the balls basically tear down the seam once you get them started.  I made several balls so we could make sure it would break open properly and that I could pitch it appropriately.  Okay, okay, so maybe we just wanted to watch some extra colors explode to see what it would be like.



The picture on Amazon does not do these colors any justice!

Filling the balls turned out to be a fun task….fun if you like being stained with color.  I filled four for practice (yellow, green, pink, blue). I found the easiest was to not make a huge mess was to balance one half on the electrical tape inside a grocery bag.  When I dumped the contents of the holi powder pouch into the ball, it was a little too full but it stayed stacked nicely (once I got my system figured out on ball 3).  I then place the other half on as best as I could and taped it with a single layer of electrical tape. Don’t worry if you get it on you, it washes fairly easy from clothes and takes a few washes for skin depending on the color.  It smells awful though!


After mastering the fine art of powder balance and ball taping, I then painted the ball solid white.  Yes, the ball was already white but it was a little transparent.  You could definitely see pink vs blue.  The paint created a nice seal around the tape that would have otherwise leaked out powder and spoiled the surprise.  Plus, it covers up the hideousness of black tape on a white ball.  All I’m saying is, don’t skip out on this part.  Painting the ball is totally worth it.  I just used my regular acrylic canvas paints and they got the job done nicely.

After adding some finishing touches, the ball was ready to go!


My husband was trilled that I knew to paint the stitches in opposite directions.

We found out the gender the week we were set to leave for Colorado on vacation with the family.  How perfect is that?!  We decided that it would be great to take our creation with us and reveal it there for the family.  Turns out it’s not an easy task to find a flat spot on a mountain but we made it happen.

Screenshot_2015-07-23-18-21-16  IT’S ANOTHER BOY!!!


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  1. If your husband missed do you think the ball would “explode” when it hit the ground? Or do you think it’s sturdy enough to stay together for another go?


  2. For the electrical tape did you use a thinner than normal piece or just put it on gently?


  3. Was it messy after exploding? Any staining in the yard, on your guests’ clothes, etc?


  4. Hi I was wondering where did you find the powder at?


  5. So if hits ground should be fine? Thanks only person I found to give such a great idea! Would we have to make some body make these for us not mom and dad because we will spoil or? We shouldn’t know at all correct! Lol sorry for sounding like a dummy!!


  6. What was your cost in total is the powder expencieve?


    • The powder was a little pricey at the time but I’ve found it in single colors for much cheaper since then. I was bummed that single colors weren’t available when I did it.


      • Thanks for this post! Just what we needed. Do you have a link for the single colors you found on Amazon? We are finding out the gender of baby 4 in less than 2 weeks and I want to order it this week! Also, the link you gave for the 10-pack of colors, was that enough powder to fill the baseball?


      • Sorry, I do not have the link for single colors but the packets in the 10 pack were more than enough to fill the ball.


  7. What type of bat did you use with those particular aero balls? How did you tape the balls. Once along the seam? I am going to attempt to make these myself this week. Thanks.


  8. Thank you ! You are a life saver!!


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