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Avoiding Milk: PDF beginners guide

I have a friend that just discovered a dairy allergy in her son and another that is suspecting an intolerance in her newborn so I decided to put together a book of resources for beginners.

Avoiding Milk: A beginners guide

Emergency Care Plan

Avoiding your allergen

Chef Card

Food Allergy Field Guide

Additional Resources


Pumpkin Patch


The pumpkin patch is my new favorite tradition! Why haven’t we been before?  Ok, so it wasn’t a true pumpkin patch (a local church set up their lawn to sell pumpkins and gourds) but it was still tons of fun.

Squid had a blast running around with his tiny pumpkin and climbing on the hay (which thankfully did not give him hives).


...and sitting on pumpkins 🙂

I’m ready to go again!