Guilt free take-out

Before you get excited, I’m talking about foods that you can bring around (and possibly share) with your food allergy child.

We’ve always had a Sunday habit of bringing home Whataburger.  That is our “cheat” meal of the week. Cheating because it’s totally unsafe!  Well, what I get is totally unsafe.  There are a few exceptions on the menu.  It works out (for now) because Squid falls asleep on our way home from church so we swing by, pick it up on the way home, put him in the crib and then pig out.  Although it does turn me into  M-O.


One day, we brought home Wingstop and my husband dropped a fry on the floor which of course sent me into cleanup mode.  We always wait until Squid is asleep before we bring out unsafe food items.


Out of curiosity, I looked up their menu to see exactly which of their items I needed to be concerned about.  Turns out, not too many and not the ones we brought home.  Finally!  A restaurant where Squid can actually eat!  Dairy and egg allergy people, Wingstop is your friend… just don’t get any dips. 

Want to add to that list of friends?
We’re having some work done on our house so we needed something quick to eat.  We had a few leftovers as backup to feed Squid but not enough for the 3 of us.  I really wanted some In-N-Out Burger so I looked online for their allergy menu information.  Sadly, couldn’t find it but I did find several blogs of people with a dairy allergy saying they’ve eaten there safely… again without sauce. 

I sent my husband to get the food.  He said their customer service was amazing.  They went to a separate cooking area and dedicated ONE worker to handle Squid’s food.  They labeled it “the allergy burger” as it was going through its prep process.  I wish all food establishments would handle allergies this way!





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