STICKYJ Medical ID tag: Review


Squid got his STICKYJ Medical ID tag and bracelets today!  It’s so tiny and it fits perfectly!

I think the hardest part of ordering was deciding what information I wanted engraved. The front engraving was preset and included in the price of the tag ($7.95), which was a big plus. I like that all of my toddler’s sensitive information is safely concealed on the back of the tag. On the back ($5.95 for the first line, $0 for the next 7 lines) I have his name, allergies, carries epipen,  and emergency contact information. The engraving was dark and legible with my 5 lines. I also like that I can put his tag on any bracelet in the future so it will grow with him!  The bracelet 4 pack I ordered fits 4-6″.  Perfect for Mr. tiny wrist.

Checkout & Delivery
At checkout,  you can choose to expedite the engraving process. The typical engraving time is 3 day. After that you can choose the speed of shipping. I picked 2 day shipping because I wanted it here before leaving for Hawaii. The other options would have been delivered way too close to leaving day for my liking.

As I was checking tracking, I noticed the site lists what stage the order is in and who is working on it, by name. If you have any issues, you know exactly who did it.  It arrived the day it was promised.

Fit & Wear
As mentioned,  it fits perfectly!  It came with a small pouch to store the tiny bracelet… I know that will come in handy!  The clip is tight and secure. A little difficult to fasten onto a wiggle worm but once it was on, it wasn’t coming off. My son, however, was a little picky about which wrist I put it on. Who knew a 16 month old would have a preference.

The only complaint I have is the way the rounded tag hangs over the band. It looked uncomfortable but he didn’t seem to mind.

Overall, I love it!  I can’t wait for him to wear it!



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  1. Vegan Mommy, I work for Sticky Jewelry and we are so thrilled you did a review! Thank you so much- this is great! If you will please email me we would love give you a thank you gift =) .

    Kylie Thigpen
    Social & Digital Marketing Specialist


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