Baby wearing… how I created my Ring Sling

I’ve gone back an forth over whether or not I want to take a stroller to the airport.  My son does horribly in the stroller.  He wants to stand up in it all the time!  Needless to say, I’d probably end up pushing an empty stroller while carrying my luggage and a toddler.  Once I decided that the stroller was not an option, I thought, “Now what?”  I know, baby wearing!  But how…

I have a Moby, which was wonderful when he was smaller but after trying out a few new carrying positions I quickly realized that I DO NOT want to wrestle the Moby and an angry toddler in the middle of the airport.  He refuses to back carry so only option is in the front or on the hip. The Moby is just too much work for this situation.  I had to find something easier…. and thinner.  3 layers of woven fabric over my already sweaty toddler and the rest wrapped around me several times is probably not the best option while making my way through the airport.

A friend of mine had mentioned that she made a ring sling that she loved.  She sent me the instructions and I decided to give it a try. (Amazing how-to video, by the way.)

I bought a 2.25″ piece of fabric from Joann’s. I went with the Batik cotton fabric because it really caught my eye and, as the tutorial suggests, it didn’t have a “wrong” side.  If I make another one, I would go with something thinner.  Yes, it’s 100% cotton but it’s not very soft.  However, it serves its purpose and serves it well.


After I picked out my fabric, I ordered my sling rings.  I went with the large, aluminum, silver rings.  Large because my fabric is on the wider side of the tutorials suggested fabric width.

Width: If you choose fabric that is 36 – 45″ wide you will not need to hem the sides unless you choose to do so. If the fabric is wider than 45″ you will have too much. (The Maya Wrap Sling is 34″ wide.)

The rings came in the mail and I went to work.  I started by sewing one of the cut edges to give it a nice hem.  Then I sewed two straight lines down either side in different colors.  This stitch does not hold anything together.  I use to to tell me which side is which during wear.


The hardest part of the whole project was the pleats… and the toddler tugging on the end of my fabric like an overgrown kitty cat.  After getting everything pinned and stitched, I attached the fabric to the rings and we were ready to wear!




I searched YouTube for tutorials on baby wearing in a Ring Sling and we gave it a trial run at the grocery store and he didn’t mind it one bit.  I did decide afterward to tie up my loose fabric around my rings. I think this is going to work!

More on our Hawaiian adventure to come!


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