Allergy Alert! Epipen Inside!


Squid and I are gearing up to fly to Hawaii to visit an old friend….how convenient that she lives in Hawaii 😉  Needless to say, the though of flying (his first flight) with a 16 month old with food allergies had me a little on edge. Thankfully, no nut allergy here but I wanted to be prepared.

I’ve been wanting to refresh his backpack allergy tag for a while now so I searched Google and Pinterest for some ideas of what information should be included. I came across some awesome “Epipen Inside” tags during my search and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I printed the template on card stock, “laminated” them with packing tape, and secured them to our bags with safety pins.


For his information tag, I bought a pack of self laminating luggage tags from Academy and drew out my design on Photo shop using the preprinted tags that come in the luggage tag package as a template for size. Sadly, I made the mistake of printing on card stock. If I could do it over, I would print it on regular paper. Two pieces of card stock is almost too thick for the tag.

The backside of his tag says:

I have a LIFE THREATENING allergy to
Dairy and Egg
Please only feed me the snacks provided in my bag.

In case of exposure
Benadryl dosage 2.5 mL

In case of ingestion
Epipen in bag
Call 911

Emergency contact numbers

The verbiage is more for childcare purposes and not so much for the trip. Squid has a contact and ingestion allergy to dairy.

In addition to the bag tags, I also ordered him a medical id tag and teeny tiny bands for his teeny tiny wrist. It was 20% off with a coupon code so I feel like I scored a good deal. Hopefully it will stay on better than his AllerMates bracelet.

More to come on our Hawaiian adventure!


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